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For the typical DIYer things become much more confusing as from 2006, new a colour scheme has been introduced for cabling.

The colours for the live and wires that are neutral electrical cables are changing from red to brown and black colored to blue. That is now just like the wires in flexible leads to appliances that are portable -

As from 31 March 2006, all wiring that is new be in this new colours.

Why have the rules been introduced? The main of the rules is reduce steadily the quantity of fatalities, injuries and fires due to faulty installations that are electrical. It is also designed to make it harder for 'cowboy builders' to leave electrical installments in an unsafe condition -

If you do not stick to the laws, you run the risk that:

The electrical installation might never be safe.

You'll have no record associated with work done.
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The standards that are applicable

For degree 1 equipment AS/NZS 3820 (Essential safety demands for electrical gear relates). This standard as well as the applicable Australian and New Zealand standard (AS/NZS) is applicable. If there is maybe not an AS/NZS standard the applicable Overseas Electrotechnical Commission's (IEC) standard is applicable with AS/NZS 3820. If you have no relevant AS/NZS or IEC standard then AS/NZS 3820 applies on it's own.

The relevant standard as shown in AS/NZS 4417 (Marking of electrical product to indicate compliance with regulations) applies or the standard that is accepted by a Regulatory Authority as a standard that can be readily applied to that type of gear for level 2 or 3 equipment.

Note, gear tested with other requirements, most frequently IEC standards, could be supplemented by extra assessment as well as the equipment found to be compliant with the applicable AS/NZS standard, including AS/NZS 3820, AS/NZS 4417 or that standard accepted by way of a Regulatory Authority (Australian state or territory or brand new Zealand federal government agency).

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